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Sexual Health

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Women's Health

Women's Health services offered in Clermont, FL

Women have a unique set of health needs, and all too often, those needs fall to the bottom of a seemingly endless to-do list. At South Lake Medical Spa, women in and around Clermont, Florida, rely on Nicole Casavant, PA-C, for outstanding women’s health services, specifically vaginal revitalization with EmpowerRF by InMode®. If you have questions about symptoms and want to learn more about the treatment, call or click to schedule a visit online today. 

Women's Health Q&A

What is women’s sexual health?

Women’s health care centers on sexual wellness. Milestones like pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause trigger changes in your body, and you’re often left feeling unlike yourself.

Fortunately, you have options to address these changes. Nicole and the team at South Lake Medical Spa address your most intimate wellness needs with EmpowerRF.

How does EmpowerRF support women’s health?

EmpowerRF is a multi-functional system that delivers advanced women’s wellness solutions. Nicole uses the EmpowerRF platform to address multiple sexual health issues without invasive surgery.

In addition, procedures require very little or no downtime after. From vaginal revitalization to pelvic floor therapy, the capabilities of EmpowerRF have the power to deliver life-changing results.

What women’s health concerns can EmpowerRF improve?

As an advanced practitioner, Nicole creates custom EmpowerRF treatment plans. She may recommend EmpowerRF to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Stimulate tissue regeneration
  • Relieve pelvic pain
  • Strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Treat urinary incontinence
  • Remedy symptoms of sexual dysfunction

She understands that your health is unique, and she strives to provide targeted treatments that deliver the results you deserve.

What EmpowerRF technologies are available?

EmpowerRF offers unparalleled women’s health services. The multi-functional platform uses different technologies with various types of energy sources that include:


VTone is an FDA-cleared treatment for weak pelvic floor muscles. Using intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), the procedure can improve urinary incontinence symptoms.


Harnessing the power of bipolar radiofrequency technology (RF), Morpheus8V is a customized procedure that addresses multiple concerns at once.


FormaV’s comfortable treatment heats deep layers of tissue with RF technology and stimulates healthy cell regeneration from within.


Tone utilizes EMS technology to contract your muscles, improving pelvic muscle strength better than exercise alone.


Aviva is a minimally invasive treatment that stimulates soft tissue coagulation to revitalize vaginal tissue.


Nicole works with you to understand your women’s health concerns and develop a treatment plan that fits your needs.


Find compassionate women’s health care at South Lake Medical Spa. Schedule an EmpowerRF consultation online or call the office today.